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Lampu Obstruksi SAOL 2
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  • Low intensity A type aviation obstruction lights are installed onto fixed objects that are less than 150m from the land or water surface
  • LED light bulbs with increased lifetime decreases the replacement cost of the light source (LED lasts 25 times longer than a standard lamp bulb)
  • Can select between direct mount and pole mount type to fit your application needs
  • Excellent durability from a selection of a polycarbonate or an aluminum housing structure
  • Built-in SUN switch available upon request which activates a system that automatically operates the product when darkness is detected
  • Applied on tall structures for collision avoidance measures and airport runway safety

Product Specifications

ICAO standardLow intensity A type
Light sourceHigh intensity light emtting diodes(LED)
Light colorRed
Light functionSteady
Rated voltageDC12V, DC24V, AC110V~AC220V
Power ConsumptionMax. 20W
Standard housing colorRedCable entry1/2" PF
MaterialsLens-PC, Housing-AL
Protection ratingIP66Ambient operating temperature-30℃ to +50℃
CertificatesICAO compliantLuminous intensity19cd ±25%

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